C# 7.0 – #7. An improved expression body feature

In C# 6.0 a read-only property like this:

public string SomeProperty
    get { return "sometext"; }

can be rewritten in a more compact way:

public string SomeProperty => "sometext";

This feature is called “expression body”, but it has some limitations, e.g. the property is turned into field, it only works with read-only properties and not with constructors, deconstructor, getter, setter and so on.

C# 7.0 add all these constructs and then expands the usage of this feature.

Here’s an example, which was taken “as is” from the .Net blog without any test in development environment because by the time of the last released build of Visual Studio 2017 (15.0.26020.0) this new feature doesn’t work yet:

class Person
    private static ConcurrentDictionary<int, string> names = new ConcurrentDictionary<int, string>();
    private int id = GetId();

    public Person(string name) => names.TryAdd(id, name); // constructors

    ~Person() => names.TryRemove(id, out *);              // destructors
    public string Name
        get => names[id];                                 // getters
        set => names[id] = value;                         // setters

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