[OT] A very particular book

 unapregieratraduebicchieridigin This is not the usual technical post that I generally write. Instead it is a post dedicated to my dear friend Nicola Gaeta, who has written a book about his passion (which is also my passion), the music. The book is called

Una preghiera tra due bicchieri di gin, il jazz italiano si racconta

published by Caratteri Mobili.

It’s a very good book and very particular, it has not the classic narrative style but is a passionate collection of interviews conducted by Nicola to the greatest exponents of the Italian jazz about ambitious and very interesting topics, to which is not easy to answer. The question that has remained impressed to me is

‘What is jazz?’ Friend, if you have to ask it, you’ll never know it (Louis Armstrong)”

It’s an instinctive book written by a music passionate that plays anything in everyday work (like me too), it’s the book of a dear friend of mine who reminds me the happy times when I was back in high school (many years ago), and very often I avoid studying to listen to his not-to-missing musical broadcasts on a local radio.

Enjoy your passion, Nicola.